Child Custody – Some FAQ’s

For those unfamiliar with the process, child custody is one issue they would just as soon not get involved with. Unfortunately, since divorce brings with it the difficult problems of child custody and other attendant conflicts, people are now needing to learn more about certain aspects of it.Following are some of the most commonly asked questions from people who are not familiar with the subject. The answers represent responses collected from different child custody attorneys. Certainly, child custody laws are not the same for all states. The following answers are offered in general terms, and to the extent that they apply and/or are recognized by the courts.What Is Custody?”Custody” determines who is responsible for the child or children in cases when their parents do not live together. This will apply to couples who are separated, divorced, or who have never been married to each other.How Does Physical Custody Differ From Legal Custody?When a parent has physical custody, it refers to a situation in which the child will spend time living with that parent on a regular basis. If custody is “joint physical custody”, then the child is shuttled between the parent’s homes.When a parent has “sole legal custody”, that parent has the sole right to make decisions on the child’s education, health, and overall welfare (schools, doctor, etc). In “joint legal custody” both parents share in making the relevant decisions.How is a Decision Made?A judge usually gives his or her approval to a custody plan agreed on by the parents. If the parents cannot agree, they will have to speak with a mediator or counselor to help work out a plan. The judge will make the decision on any disputed issues that both parties are unable to resolve.Can a Child Still See a Parent Not Awarded Physical Custody?The court will usually order that the other parent be given generous visitation rights with the child. However, this will be restricted in cases where domestic violence has occurred, or the where parent’s ability to care for the child is in question.What Happens When A Custodial Parent Obstructs The Child’s Visit To The Other Parent?The non-custodial parent can ask the court for a “contempt” order. The parent who is denying visitation can receive court sanctions. If it can be proven that it was done intentionally, the non-custodial parent may have grounds to sue to be granted the child’s custody. The judge usually will first require the couple to attempt to work out things with the help of a mediator.Can A Custody Arrangement Be Altered If It Doesn’t Work?Parents usually are able to change a custody arrangement that doesn’t work, provided they are able to suggest a new plan, and they then ask the judge to make it official. If the parents continue to disagree, they can ask the judge to decide on the changes. The judge’s decision will be based on the best interests of the child. This can be difficult if the child has been well-cared for, or if the original custody plan has been in place for some time.Can Anybody Other Than The Parents Have Custody Over A Child?In California, a judge must consider the parents first, either singly or together. A judge may, however, grant custody to another person (a grandmother, step-parent, or a friend) with or without the parents’ consent. This can occur if the judge believes giving child custody to either parent would be detrimental to the child.

Why Prophet Contact Manager?

Competition is very tough in today’s business world, and companies and businesses are always looking for a way to beat their competition and be more successful. One of the tools executives and managers are using to do this is contact manager software, which allows a company or business to track clients, business and networking contacts, and sales opportunities. In addition, some types of contact manager software can track all correspondence, meetings, appointments, etc. with the contacts listed in the contact manager software, while tracking your business activity and revenue. Prophet contact manager software is one type of contact manager software that does all of this. If you are an executive or manager looking for something to give your company or organization an edge on the competition, you should consider Prophet contact manager software. Prophet contact manager software has many features and benefits that will help you and your employees be more efficient and more successful.Prophet contact manager software makes keeping track of your business contacts easy.Anyone purchasing Prophet contact manager software will be amazed by how easy it makes keeping track of your business contacts. Prophet contact manager software works in conjunction with the Microsoft Outlook email program, and this contact manager makes organizing, managing, and monitoring your business contacts easy. This contact manager software allows you to see all the communication that you have had with each of your contacts. This contact manager is great if you are trying to determine what you and a business contact discussed or decided on a particular item, or if it has been awhile since you last touched base with a business contact and wanted to bring up some things from previous conversations. For example, if you are contacting someone in your network but who you rarely have contact with, you might want to use your contact manager software to check back to previous communication with them to see what the name of their kids are so that you can ask them about them and make it personal.Prophet contact manager software has a search function.One of the most frustrating things at work that can take up a significant portion of time is searching for files or other information on your computer. Usually this is information you know is on your computer, you just don’t remember where you put it, but Prophet contact manager can help. Prophet contact manager recognizes that no one wants to spend half of their day at work searching for something, so they incorporated a search function into their software. The search function of the contact manager allows you to access the information you want very quickly, so you can move on to doing more important things.A calendar and a task manager are also features of Prophet contact manager software.Avidian didn’t design Prophet contact manager software to simply replace the rolodex sitting on your desk. Instead, they designed the contact manager software to not only keep track of your business contacts, but to also provide you with a calendar to help you schedule and a task manager to help you ensure you are completing the projects and tasks you need to. Prophet contact manager software also allows you to sort your business contacts based on the appointments, meetings, and other items on your calendar and the items on your task lists. The contact manager allows you to see all the communication, appointments, meetings, tasks, etc. that are associated with a specific business contact.Prophet contact manager software can help you increase salesIn addition to managing your business contacts; Prophet contact manager software can also help you manage your current clients as well as any potential future ones. Prophet contact manager software can help you track and manage your different sales opportunities with just a few clicks of the mouse. By having all this information available to you, using your contact manager software, you can increase your sales and increase your profit, making you more successful. Prophet contact manager software can also help you improve your sales and your relationships with your clients to make them more satisfied. Prophet contact manager software keeps track of all your contact, correspondence, and interaction with each client, so you can review over time to see where you are doing well with your clients and where you are failing to meet their needs and expectations. Then you can use the contact manager to take the necessary steps to fix wherever you are falling short.In addition, Prophet contact manager software allows you to view the revenue you make from your clients. With Prophet contact manager you can view each individual client or have an overview of your entire company. Finally, Prophet contact manager software allows you to customize how you view your sales information. Prophet contact manager software allows executives and managers to customize and filter the information in the contact manager so they see only what they want to see. Competitors’ contact manager software offers the option use the contact manager to break down sales into smaller groups, but don’t allow for the customization offered by Prophet contact manager software..Prophet contact manager software is easier to use than competitors’ contact manager software.One of the most important things executives and managers look for in contact manager software they are considering purchasing is how easy it is to use and how compatible it is with the software the company already uses. Avidian recognizes that businesses and companies need contact manager software that adds to their productivity, not contact manager software that takes away from it if employees have to spend many hours learning how to use the software or it is constantly having problems. Prophet contact manager software has been designed to be easy to learn to use with tutorials and help applications should you need it. In fact, several executives and managers have switched to Prophet contact manager software from its competitors’ contact manager software because it is much easier to use. Prophet contact manager software is also compatible with several different other types of software. Information from Prophet contact manager software can be saved and opened in Word, Excel, PDF, and HTML formats.

Start A Day Spa And Plan Your Marketing Strategy

If you are planning to start a day spa, you have to market it well. A spa business is a popular choice among business owners and you will get a lot of competition. Planning the you spa business well, will enable you to beat the competition and get more customers. Earning money should be a priority if you want to stay ahead and stay open longer.Promoting your business well can bring in more clients and make regulars come back for year. It is important to begin marketing your business when you start a day spa and continue to promote it even after you get a steady flow of regular customers. This is so that you keep getting new clients and to be able to hang on to your old regulars.There are several ways to market your spa business. Begin promoting you business when you start a day spa. Host a grand opening and invite the VIPs in your neighborhood. These people can help spread the word about your new service to other people. You may spend for the launch but after that, news about your new spa spreads via word of mouth.Invite officials from the chamber of commerce, ask business owners in your community to come, invite media people, editors and news writers for magazines and the local paper. Give media kits to the media personalities that contain photos, your company profile and contact details. Print fliers, brochures and business cards prior to your opening day and distribute fliers around town.Create a website when you start a day spa. You will need to be found on the internet to reach a wider market. Many people surf the net to find something or a place they need to go to. It will be easier for new customers to find you on the net if you have a site.Include details like your company name, logo, contact numbers, emails, and address in the website. Place a map on your site and give directions from major thoroughfares. Post articles and prices on your site. You can also announce special promo rates and discounts on your website.Spend more money on marketing when you start a day spa. Advertising will be one of the first things you should spend money on even if you are only beginning the business. If you do not advertise, no one will know that you offer a service they might be interested in. In the beginning create discount promos and incentives to attract more customers. Offer a reward system for clients who bring in a friend.Aggressive marketing will ensure a good start. The sooner you get many customers, the sooner you can get your investment back and begin to make real profit. It is better to spend more on marketing that buying the latest expensive equipment. Find out more about promoting your new spa and how to do it on the cheap.