The Mind Body Spirit Connection

A human being is made up of three divisions: mind, body and spirit. You could not live on the material plane if one of these divisions were missing. So first of all let us consider what the mind is then the body and finally the spirit then see what the connection is.What is the mind?
Is the mind separate from the brain? How does what happens in the body, especially what happens in the brain, affect the mind, and vice versa? A lot of people think that the mind is the physiological brain. There are many truths that would confirm this type of reasoning. The brain is the location of both conscious thought and creativity. Also with the help of the nervous system of the spinal cord and the network of nerves that branch to every part of the body; the brain is also in control of all body movement. This nervous system also inter-plays with endocrine glands to affect other systems and body functions. The brain is also used to reason by interpreting the information which is around you: the information you take in through your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. A lot of people are confused about this because the thing is you do not reason with the brain. The brain is just a physical vehicle for that elusive energy we call the mind to manifest itself from. You must then reason with the mind, and if so the mind must be something extra to the body and brain.What is the body?
The body is the physical form we manifest on the earth plane. It is made up of a group of connected parts, and systems: such as the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems etc. including organs and tissues, that carry out particular functions, such as breathing and digestion. The human body can maintain health and survive only if all systems in the body work together. The body is the shell without a body a person cannot exist on the earth plain. Every living thing on earth has a body after its own kind; they also have intricate systems that maintain their existence. Some believe that it is only humans that have a spirit (soul). Others believe that everything that exist on the earth plain has a mind, body and spirit. As soon as life ends all shells (bodies) rot and crumble to dust. It is amazing how much we have in common with every thing around us.What is the spirit/soul?
The spirit is an invisible inner power. The spirit is supposed to be what makes us human separating us from animals who stay alive by baser instincts. The thing is I do not agree with that idea. I think that everything that breaths on earth has a spirit. The thing is having a spirit allows you to tell the difference between right and wrong. The spirit is the basis of your passion, motivation, aspirations, and love. Think of your spirit as your emotional centre. Without the spirit you really would be dead.So in order for you to function in a healthy manner on the material plain your mind, body and spirit need to be in harmony. You could say that the connection between them is that the body is the vehicle through which the spirit manifest its self on earth. The mind is what educates the spirit on its journey through life on earth and on other plains, such as the astral and other elusive plains.

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